Bands come and go. Some bands stay together because playing feels like being with family. It’s a special moment when that joy flows into the audience and everyone in the room feels like a member of the dysfunctional, loving, hilarious, and groove-oriented family that is Choice City Seven.

Since forming in 2013, this eight-piece, soul-driven funk band has added new family members with every show they play. This band is held together by a talented and textured rhythm section – Logan Doddridge (drums), Sean Jaster (keys), John McKay (guitar), and Jerimiah Teague (bass). The horns bring just the right boom – Greta Cornett (trumpet), John Giordanengo (trombone), Phuong Nguyen (sax). The band is fronted by a charismatic and soulful singer – Chris Leck (vocals).

It started one night in a cramped practice room when 3 members of 12 Cents for Marvin each brought a friend with the goal of exploring and writing new music that sounded like whatever made them feel good at the time, no matter what genre it was. The result is a sound with a wide range, has something for everyone, and is centered on the joy of good music.

2017 marks a new high for the band with the release of their first album Freshman Year. Each song is a snapshot that collectively, makes a family photo album of their musical journey over the past few years. This album of original music can be dark, smooth and firmly rooted in funk, while also light and groovy, reminiscent of 60’s R&B.

So come grab your dancing shoes (and maybe an instrument) and join the party. Choice City Seven will welcome you into the family like a long lost cousin.


Choice City 7

New Year's Eve

Mon, Dec 31
Free Show