Don Chicharrón

Don Chicharrón quiere bailar contigo.

Don Chicharrón plays and pays homage to Chicha, the sonic result of Peruvian artists mixing the various aural stylings of their day: ‘60s psychedelia, Andean traditional folk melodies, and Afro-Cuban cumbia rhythms. Formed by Peruvian-American, Aldo Pantoja, Don Chicharrón filters its brand of Chicha through the songwriting influences of its 8 other members, giving its self-titled debut LP touches of punk, surf, prog, jazz, reggaetón, and salsa.

Live, Don Cheech invites audiences to get tangled up in a canopy of trippy guitarwork, shuffle to mesmerizing synth-play and shout celebratory chants. Based in Denver, CO, the band and its kind of cumbia is as influenced by the spaghetti western sounds of its Rocky Mountain deserts as it is by the Amazonian jungles and coastal cities that created Chicha. All are welcome to liberate their hips at the Don Cheech discoteca.

In 2018, Don Chicharrón shared the stage with Ozomatli, Sotomayor, Combo Chimbita, Tropa Magica and Y La Bamba and in 2019 plans to tour the United States, Mexico and Peru. ¡A BAILAR!

Tyto Alba

Tyto Alba, based out of Denver, CO, formed in the fall of 2014 and features the talents of singer/songwriter Melanie Steinway, guitarist Matt Rossi, bassist/synth player Daniel DiMarchi and drummer Andrew Bair. The songs are dreamy, spacious and lush. Tyto Alba is the scientific name for barn owls.

“There is a certain moment in a band’s trajectory when you can actually observe the music evolving. Denver four-piece Tyto Alba is experiencing just such a moment: a young band spreading its wings in sound and spirit before an audience’s eyes.”

-Tom Murphy, Westword

“Denver indie rockers Tyto Alba present a musical paradox…loud and quiet, narrow and expansive, dense and sparse, personal and universal.”

-Jeremy Fleischer, Scene Magazine

“Graceful and surging with fresh musical energy, Tyto Alba might very well be the shockwave 2017’s indie rock scene needs.”

-Mitch Mosk, Atwood Magazine

Don Chicharrón

with Tyto Alba

Fri, Feb 15
Free Show