The blogosphere describes Okey Dokey as “psychedelic doo wop”, but if you ask the Nashville duo themselves, they are “just a couple of wizards born to ride”.  Visual artist Aaron Martin & guitarist Johny Fisher combine the best of psych & soul to send the listener on a nostalgia-laced, dreamland trip.  The band’s sophomore album, “Tell All Your Friend”, is set for release in 2018.
The Bright Silence
“Time Is New wastes no time engaging ear drums, proffering the powerful “Least Resistance” from the outset. Galloping drumsascending choral melodies, and almost western portamento guitars evoke golden rolling hills and the whimsy of middle America. One can’t help but yearn for a frontier to explore. Time Is New frequently lifts into pure moments of rapture.” Ryan Murphy – Bandwagon Magazine

Okey Dokey

with Bright Silence (solo set)

Sat, Jun 23
Free Show