With three singer-songwriters from three different generations, you’d expect the ThreadBarons’ to be a mishmash of genres, directions, and voices. And it is. But the mixture works in a way that each member’s influence is heard, creating a kind of progressive roots rock. Their style draws from folk, rock and roll, blues, honky tonk, and countless others, not thrown together, but carefully woven with vocal harmonies and affecting lyrics. Especially in live shows, the ThreadBarons strive to create a distinctive, genuine sound and a bona fide performance. “If the ThreadBarons’ moniker is a play on the word ‘threadbare,’ it fits the weathered Americana made by the Denver quartet . . . the act takes a well-worn, no-bullshit approach.” – Jon Solomon, Westword Magazine. Comprised of Dan Sidor (drums /vox), Nikkoli Kade Kubena (guitars and vox), Pete Gillespie (Guitars, mandolin, harmonica, and vox), Will Rice (keys and vox) and Daniel Putrino (bass and vox), the ThreadBarons are a Colorado band with a Colorful sound.


with David Burchfield

Sat, Jul 14
Free Show